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Packages and Enhancement Pricing

All of our enhancement prices are considered median prices. We are at heart a custom design and development firm and taylor all of our work for clients to be a perfect fit, and our actuall charges will reflect this fit. This menu is meant to help you as a prospective client make the needed budget considerations and get a overview of the many options available to you. This list reflects the more popular options and is not a complete list of all Creative Sum can do for your website project. An exact quote of charges will be given after a consolation has been completed.

Features Packages
Regular Website Package Pricing >> $1,299.00 $1,899.00 $2,400.00
Website Pricing Special >>
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$500.00 $1,425.00 $1,799.00
Package Features: 5 Page 10 Page 15 Page
Pages: Up to 5 Up to 10 Up to 15
Additional Page Creation: $99.00 $89.00 $79.00
Custom, Modern Design
Web Standard / SEO Friendly Development
User Friendly Site Navigation w/ roll-over effect
Publish Site to the Web
Typical Turn-Around Time* Up to 3 Weeks 3 - 4 Weeks 3 - 4 Weeks
Express Development Time** 25%-50% Extra 25%-50% Extra 25%-50% Extra
Enhancement Credits Towards Options Below
(Excluding service enhancements)

Info: Enhancement credits can be used to add some of the options below that many modern websites use to increase the value of a users experience.

$40 Credit $60 Credit $100 Credit
Page Enhancements:*** Price:
Royalty Free Images (per image)$5.00 1 Credit 1 Credit 1 Credit
Photo Editing (Size and Quality) (per image)$5.00 3 Credits 5 Credits 8 Credits
Photo Manipulation, Collage (typical) (per element)$55.00
Illustration Creation (typical)

Info: Sometimes a photo or words just doesn't suit the look and feel of a website. A custom illustration can be more flexible and communicative when done to creatively fit the situation.

Flash (Banner, Advert., Content Element) (per element)$55.00
Flash 30 second clip

Info: Adding a 30 second Flash clip allows the website to introduce to a visitor some product, service, or other concept in a dramatic and dynamic fashion.

Responsive User Interaction (JavaScript)

Info: There are a great many enhancements that can be accomplished using JavaScript, but the general benefit of adding JavaScript to your website is that it allows a user to interact with a webpage and not have to have it refresh for every click. This can be a highly valuable addition when used correctly. Ask us how it can help your site.

(per element)$65.00
Responsive Data Display (AJAX)

Info: There are a great many enhancements that can be accomplished using the technology AJAX, but the general benefit of adding AJAX to your website is that it allows a user to interact with a webpage's data and not have to have it refresh for every click. (Is used in correlation with a database.) This can be a highly valuable addition when used correctly. Ask us how it can help your site.

(per element)$65.00
Contact Form $30.00 Included Included
Custom User Forms (per form)$100.00
Image Gallery w/Zoom (15 mg per page) (per gallery)$100.00
Events Calendar $100.00
Guest / Comments Book $100.00
Updateable News & Events w/Archive

Info: This is a database driven feature that allows you the website owner to manage, display, and archive whatever news & events your organization has. The management of the information is completed by you the owner as needed through a simple to use web page Creative Sum creates for you.

Site Enhancements: Price:
Logo Design $150.00
Site Search $150.00 Included
Drop-Down Navigation $150.00 Included
Blog $400.00
Forum $400.00
Content Management System (CMS) Call for Quote
E-Commerce Coming Soon...
PayPal Payment Integration $300.00
Custom JAVA / PHP / Database Programming (per hour)$65.00
Service Enhancements: Price:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (per quarter)$200.00
Hosting (per month)$10.00
Google Analytics Integration $50.00 Included
Webmaster Services (4hrs per month)

Info: (Every client gets FTP access to their website files for making updates.) Depending on your need to frequently update website content and your coding skill level, it may be advantagous to purchase our webmaster service. This service gives you 4 hours per month at a discounted rate from our regular per diem rate. Then just simply give us content, pictures, layout changes, etc. and we make all needed changes.

(per month)$120.00

Business Specific Enhancements:


  • Online Menu
  • |
  • Daily Specials Page
  • |
  • Coupons Page
  • |
  • Sign-up Emailer

Professional Services (Attorney, Doctor, Dentist)

  • Display Credentials
  • |
  • Cite Your Publications
  • |
  • Showcase Awards

Realty Services

  • Display Pictures Of Property
  • |
  • Present Info On Property
  • |
  • Update Info In Real Time

Retail Store

  • Coupons Page
  • |
  • Sales Page
  • |
  • Products Page
  • |
  • Shopping Cart
  • |
  • Online Checkout

Creative Services (Writers, Photographers)

  • Display Portfollio
  • |
  • Blog Page
  • |
  • Sell Your Work Online

* Turn Around Time

Its important to note that the given turn-around times are NOT guaranteed. They are based off on statistics from our previous projects and what a typical website would consist of. Much of the time in a project is dependent on a client's ability to provide content and approve mockups in a timely manner and make reasonable requests for revisions. Creative Sum will work with you at your passe and can many times finish a project a head of schedule.

** Express Service Option

If your deadlines or events dictate a need to get your website created and published in a shorter time frame than our given turn-around times, Creative Sum can work with you at a accelerated time schedule. This is providing that you can deliver most to all the needed content up front and be dedicated to approve mockups and revisions in a timely manner. Because of the extra time and attention we will dedicate to your project we must add a reasonable percentage to the project's overall cost.

*** Page Enhancement Price Explaination:

Page enhancement prices are in addition to any additional page creation charges that my apply.
For example:

Page 8 in a 10 Page package:Page 11 in a 10 Page package:
page cost:Freeadditional page cost:$89.00
contact form:$30.00contact form:$30.00
total page cost:$30.00total page cost:$119.00

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