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You only get one chance to create a good first impression.
Make it count. A clean, professional, and fast-loading website
can ensure that your first impression will be a good one.

A designer from CreativeSum will work closely to collaborate and guide you in the creation of a uniquely designed website that will be found appealing to even the most savvy of internet users. We take pride in delving into the research of your market and competitors to ensure that your new website stands above.

Ask how we can creatively push your website to the next level.

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website design service

Designs for the Modern Web.

Not sure how go about getting the best design for your needs and brand?

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  • Overview
  • Benefits
  • The Process

How am I the client involved in the process?

  1. Prepare for your consultation: Download, review, and brainstorm ideas using our provided “Consultation Guide” document.
  2. Collaborate: During the consultation a designer will work with you to define your needs, provide options, and guide the overall design direction.
  3. Review/Feedback: A concept mockup is created by the designer, which is a graphic illustration of the potential site design. You as the client will get to review and give feedback for what modifications should be made.
  4. Satisfaction: Once your 100% satisfied with the design, the development of the site begins.

What are the benefits of a professionally designed site?

  1. An appealing Web presentation of your business will give its visitors a greater expectation of receiving quality products and services.
  2. Content is king and the right design considerations can take any text from looking flat and make it jump out and reader friendly.
  3. The greatest benefit is the end result brings all the nuance concepts together to achieve a design that guides site visitors towards the desired goal of your site without confusion or distraction.

What is the service of web design all about?

Design is one part of the overall website creation process. It is where concepts like: site look, navigation type, layout, branding, functionality options, user and search friendliness, content display, and overall site goals are all considered and visually created.

A professional web designer will have the skills to creatively and technically relate all these factors and more into a modern website design.

The end goal is to create a design that best portrays your brand, message, and content in a creatively simple way that guides your site visitors toward your desired site goals.


Development is just as important as a good design. You want your website to function as well as it looks.

All our websites are coded to the highest of standards. We use the many tools, techniques, and concepts of the modern web to achieve results that are naturally friendly to users and search engines alike. We are capable of developing responsive content, interactive elements, and practical business applications.

Ask us how we can successfully develop your custom business application, content management system, blog, forum, user specific accounts, etc.

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website development service

Interactive Development

Want to know how you and your visitors can get more out of your website?

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  • Overview
  • Benefits
  • The Process

How am I the client involved in the development process?

  1. Prepare for your consultation: Download, review, and brainstorm ideas using our provided “Consultation Guide” document. The ideas you bring will help us recommend the best development options for the site.
  2. Gather your content: During the phase of developing your site we will need the text and images you wish to use in your site.
  3. Maintenance: Consider how your site will grow and need content changes. Options are: Creative Sum could make any needed updates, include a content management system so that most changes could easily be made by you, or of course making changes directly yourself.

What are the benefits of a professionally developed site?

  1. Hiring Creative Sum to develop how the site will work, allows you to focus on what the site can do for your business.
  2. Our guidance and development abilities can open up the limitless potential of what your site can offer to your visitors.
  3. We can develop a site way past what a simple informational DIY or Template driven site can achieve. A modern website is more than displaying information, it is about getting a return on your investment through site visibility, traffic, and goal conversion.

What is website development all about?

Once a design concept is agreed upon, the first of the actual programming begins. Website development involves the use of many technical skills and tools to create all the needed website elements, such as: a site's XHTML, user functionality, applications, animations, databases, plus more.

A professional web developer will of course have the know-how to produce solid bug-free results, but also bring all needed elements together in a way friendly to search engines and increase your visibility. It is also the job of a developer to ensure that the site visually renders correctly regardless of the many different version of browsers, screen resolutions, monitor colors, etc.


Hosting with Creative Sum is easy, affordable, and worry free!

Our managed hosting service provides the same benefits and comparative pricing as other hosting vendors but with many more valuable advantages. That is because by hosting your website on our platform we can take full ownership of all its technical advantages and quickly address any issues that may arise. And because today’s technologies are quickly evolving we can automatically make needed modifications to your website with the release of updates to those technologies.

Ask us how your website and peace of mind can specifically benefit with our hosting over that of other vendors.

website hosting service

Extend the Value of Your
Website Hosting

Want to find out more about the value of our managed website hosting service?

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  • Overview
  • Benefits
  • The Process

How am I the client involved in the hosting decisions?

  1. Consultation: During your consultation we will assess your situation and goals and make recommendations on the best hosting service.
  2. If you will have your own hosting: We will need FTP access and hosting support information to be able to publish and maintain your site files. (We can assists in understanding and getting the correct information if need be.)
  3. If you choose Creative Sum's managed hosting: There is nothing else to worry about! We automatically handle any issues that arise and also maintain all periodic upgrades your site may need.

What are the benefits of Creative Sum's managed hosting?

  1. Increase the potential of your site: Our hosting services allow us to develop using the best technologies without limitations.
  2. Less Involvement: Bundling hosting with our website services means you spend less time focusing on technology and more time on business.
  3. Automatic and Seamless: Our managed hosting includes the service of us automatically staying on top of technology updates and ensuring seamless long term compatibility of your site and hosting environment.
  4. The Bottom Line: Our hosting costs are comparative to other vendors but adds extra services, piece of mind, and limitless development potential

What is website hosting all about?

Web Hosting in the simplest of terms is a service of holding your website on a computer server connected to the Internet, making it accessible to all on the World Wide Web. Seems simple enough but there are many technical considerations of that service that will influence the way in which your site is developed, how needed support is handled, how maintenance of your site is approached, and so on.

For most small businesses going through the process of creating a custom website, their developer will help guide them based on their specific needs.


We tailor a website SEO strategy to fit your needs.

If your new website can't be easily found, there will be little return on your investment.

Today's crowded web means going beyond a well designed, developed, and written website. Our optimization strategies take your well crafted website to the masses.

Ask about our extended search engine optimization / marketing services.

website marketing service

Search Engine Optimization

Interested in ensuring your website will make a return on investment?

Click for SEO Demystified


  • Overview
  • Benefits
  • The Process

How am I the client involved in the SEO process?

  1. Consultation: Our SEO specialist will meet to asses your website, business goals, and understand the demographics your site needs to reach. Different options will be presented and information gathered.
  2. Implement Strategy: Creative Sum then makes needed website mod- ifications, works to increase content value, makes search engine submissions, follows pay-per-click programs and site analytics, plus more.
  3. Analyze Results & Adjust: Implementations are given a timeframe to register results which are then measured and used to modify the strategy. The end result is a higher ranking search listing and quality flow of traffic.

What are the benefits of a professionally optimized site?

  1. A newly published site will always be lost in the crowd, SEO is what pushes your site to be increasingly more visible and active with traffic.
  2. It is the goal of SEO to not only increase traffic but attract visitors who are actively interested in your site and not just going to arrive and quickly leave.
  3. By choosing to be proactive with a SEO Web strategy, combined with your natural business efforts of utilizing and marketing the site, your new site will be greater than the sum of its parts and make a real return on your investment.

What is Search Engine Optimization all about?

SEO has become much more of a necessity on today's modern Web than ever before. To have a successful site it has to be found by those users who don't know you exist in the first place. These users will find you by searching keywords in one of many search engines, hopefully bringing your page high up in the results list to be clicked.

SEO is the art of knowing what makes your site achieve higher and higher search rankings while never sacrificing the original content or goals of your website.

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