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Our Mission Statement:

It is Creative Sum’s mission to envision and create for its clients, a website that captures to the fullest extent the potential of the modern Internet, in order to produce real goal-orientated results.

Today’s modern Web concepts that guide Creative Sum's process:

  1. Creative Design:
    A design that communicates and gives an expectation of quality products, services, and customer care.
  2. Development Standards:
    Development based on current web standards to ensure each website plugs seamlessly into the web community.
  3. Search Engine Optimization / Marketing:
    SEO and SEM that will put an unknown website on the map and make traffic building connections.
  4. Practical Value:
    Add practical value to each site by recognizing and creating functionality specific to the business behind the website.
  5. Goal-Orientated Results:
    Start with the website's goal for its visitors and then coordinate all these concepts together in order to produce real results.
  6. Local, Local, Local: We apply locally focused concepts to ensure its your local business that gets found online and gets customers in the door.
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Creative Sum LLC is proud to be a local Northeastern PA website consultation firm,
offering website design, website development, website search engine optimization (SEO), and more to
Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Dickson City, Hazleton, East Stroudsburg, Berwick, Allentown, and all of NEPA.

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